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Localization of Integrity Constraints in Mobile Databases and Specification in PRO-MOTION

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Author: Subhasish Mazumdar, Panos K. Chrysanthis

Abstract: The well-developed traditional data management techniques need to be augmented with new approaches in order to continue to be effective in the mobile environment. In this paper, we focus on the challenge of maintaining integrity constraints in the presence of disconnections and expensive communication. Our approach of localization is to reformulate global constraints so as to enhance the autonomy of the mobile hosts in processing transactions. We show how this approach unifies techniques of maintaining replicated data with methods of enforcing polynomial inequalities. We also discuss how localization can be realized in PRO-MOTION, a flexible infrastructure for transaction processing in a mobile environment.

Keywords: mobile databases, disconnected operations, transaction processing, data consistency, integrity constraints, caching and replication

Published In: Journal of Mobile Networks and Applications

Volume: 9Number: 5Pages: 481-490

Year Published: 2004

Note: DOI:10.1145/1027347.1027351

Project: PRO-MOTION Subject Area: Mobile Databases

Publication Type: Journal Paper

Sponsor: NSF CAREER IRI-9502091

Citation:Text Latex BibTex XML Subhasish Mazumdar, and Panos K. Chrysanthis. Localization of Integrity Constraints in Mobile Databases and Specification in PRO-MOTION, Journal of Mobile Networks and Applications, 9(5):481-490, October 2004.(DOI:10.1145/1027347.1027351)