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Multiversion Data Broadcast

DocUID: 2002-002 Full Text: PDF

Author: Evaggelia Pitoura, Panos K. Chrysanthis

Abstract: Recently, broadcasting has attracted considerable attention as a means of disseminating information to large client populations in both wired and wireless settings. In this paper, we consider broadcasting multiple versions of data items to increase the concurrency of client transactions in the presence of updates. We introduce various techniques for organizing multiple versions on the broadcast channel. Performance results show that the overhead of supporting multiple versions can be kept low while providing a considerable increase in concurrency. Besides increasing the concurrency of client transactions, multiversion broadcast provides clients with the possibility of accessing multiple server states in a single broadcast cycle. Furthermore, multiversioning increases the tolerance of client transactions of disconnections from the broadcast channel.

Keywords: Mobile computing, broadcast, transaction management, versioning, consistency

Published In: IEEE Transactions on Computers

Volume: 51Number: 10Pages: 1224-1230

Year Published: 2002

Note: DOI:10.1109/TC.2002.1039848

Project: Others Subject Area: Data Dissemination, Mobile Databases

Publication Type: Journal Paper

Sponsor: NSF CAREER IRI-9502091, NSF IIS-9812532

Citation:Text Latex BibTex XML Evaggelia Pitoura, and Panos K. Chrysanthis. Multiversion Data Broadcast, IEEE Transactions on Computers (IEEES), 51(10):1224-1230, October 2002.(DOI:10.1109/TC.2002.1039848)