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Quantifiable Data Mining Using Ratio Rules

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Author: Flip Korn, Alexandros Labrinidis, Yannis Kotidis, Christos Faloutsos

Abstract: Association Rule Mining algorithms operate on a data matrix (e.g., customers _products) to derive association rules (Agrawal, Imielinski,&Swami, 1993b; Srikant&Agrawal, 1996). We propose a new paradigm, namely, RatioRules, which are quantifiable in that we can measure the "goodness" of a set of discovered rules. We also propose the guessing error as a measure of the goodness, that is, the root-mean-square error of the reconstructed values of the cells of the given matrix, when we pretend that they are unknown. Another contribution is a novel method to guess missing/hidden values from the Ratio Rules that our method derives. For example, if somebody bought $10 of milk and $3 of bread, our rules can guess the amount spent on butter. Thus, unlike association rules, Ratio Rules can perform a variety of important tasks such as forecasting, answering what-if scenarios, detecting outliers, and visualizing the data. Moreover, we show that we can compute Ratio Rules in a single pass over the data set with small memory requirements (a few small matrices), in contrast to association rule mining methods which require multiple passes and/or large memory. Experiments on several real data sets (e.g., basketball and baseball statistics, biological data) demonstrate that the proposed method (a) leads to rules that make sense, (b) can find large itemsets in binary matrices, even in the presence of noise, and (c) consistently achieves a guessing error of up to 5 times less than using straightforward column averages.

Published In: The VLDB Journal

Volume: 8Number: 3+4Pages: 254-266

Year Published: 2000

Note: Special issue with extended versions of the best papers from the VLDB 1998 Conference DOI:10.1007/s007780050007

Project: Others Subject Area: Web Databases

Publication Type: Journal Paper

Sponsor: Others

Citation:Text Latex BibTex XML Flip Korn, Alexandros Labrinidis, Yannis Kotidis, and Christos Faloutsos. Quantifiable Data Mining Using Ratio Rules, The VLDB Journal (VLDBJ), 8(3+4): 254-266, February 2000.(Special issue with extended versions of the best papers from the VLDB 1998 Conference DOI:10.1007/s007780050007)