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Detection of Highly Correlated Live Data Streams

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Author: Rakan Alseghayer, Daniel Petrov, Panos K. Chrysanthis, Mohamed A. Sharaf, Alexandros Labrinidis

Abstract: More and more organizations (commercial, health, government and security) currently base their decisions on real-time analysis of fast arriving, large volumes of data streams. For such analysis to lead to actionable information in real-time and at the right time, the most recent data needs to be processed within a speci€ed delay target. E‚ective solutions for analysis of such data streams rely on two techniques, (1) incremental sliding-window computation of aggregates, to avoid unnecessary recomputations and (2) intelligent scheduling of computational steps and operations. In this paper, we propose a solution that combines both of these techniques to €nd highly correlated data streams in real-time, using the Pearson Correlation Coecient as a correlation metric for two windows of data streams. Speci€cally, we propose to partition a set of data streams into micro-batches that capture the delay target, use sliding windows within a range as the subsequences of values exhibiting a certain level of correlation, utilize the idea of sucient statistics to incrementally compute the Pearson Correlation Coecient of pairs of sliding windows, and adopt a deadline-aware priority scheduling to detect the highly correlated pairs of data streams. Our experimental results show that our scheme and in particular our Price-DCS with warm start scheduling algorithm outperform existing ones and enable high degree of interactivity in correlating live data streams micro-batches.

Keywords: data streams, data exploration, correlation, search, subsequence

Published In: BIRTE 2017

Year Published: 2017

DOI: 10.1145/3129292.3129298

Project: STREAMS Subject Area: Data Streams

Publication Type: Workshop Paper

Sponsor: Others

Citation:Text Latex BibTex XML Rakan Alseghayer, Daniel Petrov, Panos K. Chrysanthis, Mohamed A. Sharaf, and Alexandros Labrinidis. Detection of Highly Correlated Live Data Streams. BIRTE 2017. 2017. DOI: 10.1145/3129292.3129298.